Why Colon Hydrotherapy?
70 - 80% of human immune cells reside in the gut. But the microbiome balance required for healthy gut function has become overgrown with harmful opportunistic microbes due to the Standard American Diet. These microbes quickly create a permeable intestinal lining in their hosts, then spread to the bloodstream to inhabit any vulnerable body system. Once overburdened with toxicity, body tissues can prompt symptoms such as allergies, acne, joint stiffness and poor concentration, just to name a few. These pathogens go unnoticed for years as they proliferate and mutate, with disease the eventual outcome. As such, we regard leaky gut as the epidemic of our time.

Colon hydrotherapy helps to address leaky gut by emptying the contents of the colon and hydrating the intestinal mucosae there. In doing so, we increase intestinal transit time which helps to normalize the gut flora, and decrease bloating and gas. With less pressure inside the intestines, there is less permeability and in time, we can work to restore the mucosal linings.

A certain amount of microbial cohabitation will always be present in the human body, but it's the silent pathogenic overgrowths that we are concerned with. Simple colon cleansing can help to alleviate emerging symptoms, but in order to actually improve the state of our health, we must remove the body's various pathogenic invasions. We use homeopathic remedies to strengthen the body's ability to rid itself of microbial and chemical imbalances. We offer juice fasting detox retreats at our serene and private Lodge. With so much de-toxification happening, we must ensure that the body is adequately equipped to eliminate all of the toxins. A sluggish colon can redirect toxicity back into the bloodstream leading to the common healing crisis effect. Colonic irrigation protects us from this effect by efficiently draining detoxified pathogens from the body.

Willow Creek Wellness offers colon hydrotherapy by appointment, or as part of a retreat package which includes accomodation at Willow Creek Lodge.

The Colonic
For the majority of the duration of the appointment, you are lying on your back on a comfortably heated massage table.  A small tube exactly 1 inch in diameter and 2 inches long is rectally inserted and remains so for about 45 minutes.  During this time, warm water flushes the colon via a temperature and applied pressure sensing system, that is built and certified to Health Canada standards.  Health Canada Medical Device License (CMDCAS)  Your colon hydrotherapist monitors the equipment while performing an abdominal massage that is intended to enhance the removal of colonic debris. 
Prior to your scheduled colonic appointment there are three simple guidelines we recommend you follow - they will help ensure a more comfortable experience:
- Please do not eat or drink at least 2 hours prior to your appointment
- The night before and the day of your appointment, do not eat meat, seafood, dairy or gluten
- Please drink a minimum of 2 litres of water the day before your appointment
Post Colonic
After your colonic it is imperative that you follow these guidelines to ensure that your flushed colon is repopulated with healthy flora:
- Consume a high-dose probiotic supplement (provided by Willow Creek Wellness)
- Do not consume any refined grains such as white bread for at least 24 hours
- Do not consume any sugar including honey or maple syrup for at least 24 hours
- Do not eat any meat or dairy for 8 hours
- Drink at least 2 litres of water daily
$75    per colonic
$200  for a 3-colonic package
$375  for a 6-colonic package
* Packages do not expire

**Colon Hydrotherapy is included in our Wellness Retreat packages